COVID-19 Resources For Members

COVID-19 Resources For Members


Covid-19 FAQ's from New Jersey Realtors

Open Houses

As of June 15, 2020, open houses are allowed but all parties must wear masks, practice social distancing and follow the indoor capacity limit of 25% of a building’s occupancy.

Remote Notary Services

Gov. Murphy signed legislation allowing a notary public to perform notarial services remotely during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Under the new law, a notarial act can be performed remotely if the notary either has:
- personal knowledge of the member of the public’s identity
- a witness either by oath or affirmation that can identify the person seeking a notarial act and has at least two forms of identity.

Remote notarial acts will continue during the COVID-19 state of emergency. A copy of the new law can be found at

FlexMLS Virtual Open House Feature

FlexMLS has implemented the following white list (approved list) of video streaming services that are allowed in the Virtual Open House feature.  Note that all others are not allowed.

  1. facebook AND events
  5. youtube AND live
  6. gotomeeting
  7. gotowebinar
  9. skype
MORMLS Days On Market

We have had members ask if MORMLS can pause Days on Market.  This is FBS’s position on it and we at MORMLS agree.

“The problem, however, is that pausing DOM distorts the accuracy of the data in the system. Years from now when the pandemic is hopefully a distant memory, we should be able to look back at the data and see the effect the pandemic had on days on market. If we see some markets where there’s no effect (because DOM was paused) and other markets where it wasn’t, that’s going to create a misleading picture. Another reason not to pause DOM is that no competitive advantage or disadvantage is created for any agent, the pandemic is impacting everyone the same. Lastly, the way DOM works in Flexmls, pausing DOM is way more complicated than one might think, so not messing with it really helps us out, too, and creates less of a chance for problems.”

Virtual Open Houses & Tours of Homes

FBS has added the ability for you to schedule virtual open houses and tours of homes in Flexmls Web. 

Click here for more info.